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February 7th Videos

Yes, another video post, but at least there are several videos this time, and they’re all recent! First is a touhou kinemakan PV. Second there’s an Alice SOS OP parody with, you guessed it, Alice. And Subterranean Animism characters. Third is a Patchouli Cooking thing.¬† Then there’s what seems to be a PV for a new IOSYS song¬† about Hina. Finally, Yuka Buri Hamachi (with Wriggle getting beaten up).

In other news, Aggiecon is OVER! I have a history test tomorrow morning, and turn in my shadow box mockup and then this overworked weekend will finally be done with (I know it’s technically over at midnight tonight, but I won’t consider it done until my history test is over). So hopefully I’ll finally be able to finish this flash I’ve been working on by tomorrow night.

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Touhou Buri Hamachi


AKA Touhou Yellowtail, another new fad in Nico Nico! And I’m actually finding out about it when it’s still new! This is amazing! Originally from this video of a character from Nippon Ichi’s Ar Tonelico 3. Remilia, Flandre, and Suika above, but there’s also Neko Miko Reimu, Sanae, Cheeeeeeen, Sakuya with Meiling, Mystia, Rinnosuke, Cirno, Shou, Marisa, Neko Marisa, Parsee, Koishi, Youmu, Neko Alice, Aya, Utsuho, Suwako, Ran, A different version of Meiling, Keine, 3D Nazrin, 3D Reimu (with backup dancers), Yuyuko, Sunny Milk, Patchouli, Tenshi and a compilation of ten of them together with probably more showing up on Youtube tomorrow.

Owata Asia


Today was eaten up by sleeping preparing for working the graveyard shift at Aggiecon today (or tonight, or tomorrow morning depending on how you look at it). So, here’s another Touhou video. I think this one is actually new! At least to Youtube. Just a sort of random PV with a lot of characters as far as I can tell, but I also don’t speak Japanese. Seems to be centered around Keine mostly.

Marisa and Alice’s Valentine’s Day

Today was eaten up by a number of things, mostly helping set up Aggiecon. Anyway, here’s the first part of a Marisa and Alice Valentine’s Day special! Even though it’s not Valentine’s Day! (Well, this video was posted to Youtube in September of 2008 so it wasn’t Valentine’s Day then either) The second part can be found here, but be warned that Alice and Marisa make out, so if that bugs you for whatever reason don’t watch it to the end.

Also, this of Flandre and Remilia which is funny, but I can’t stand the guy’s voice. I think it mostly just bugs me that he didn’t do the over-the-top high pitched voice you usually hear when guys voice act girls. Anyway, it’s a parody of the same flash that the famous My Name is Hong Meiling flash is based on.

Cirno and Flandre Videos

Well, there’s no way I can get the flash I’m working on done by midnight, so here’s two videos for the price of one! The first one is a Cirno PV that my sister found. I’m pretty sure it’s by the same group that did the Flandre PV I posted last Thursday. The second video is an alternate version of said Flandre PV with a girl singing instead. I’m think it’s MarisaXFlandre but I’m not entirely sure. Either way, it’s cute so I posted it.

Unknown Girl

I woke up this morning thinking ‘It’s Thursday. I only have one class today. I’m going to get so much done today!’ I should have known better. I should have known I’d spend the entire day working on the SAME art project that’s due tomorrow morning. So, here’s an old Flandre PV my sister found. Enjoy!

Touhou Laugh Maker


I’m not sure if this has been around for a while, but it was only just recently uploaded to Youtube. Remilia and Meiling in a touhou laugh maker, the song by Bump of Chicken that Cool&Create’s Locked Girl is a parody of. Speaking of which, here’s the Locked Girl animation with Laugh Maker audio and subs. There’s also a version with Alice and Merupo (or maybe Merlin. The characters for ‘Merupo’ keep popping up everywhere, though), but it’s a LOT older.