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Music WIP: World’s End Dancehall

I’ve been working on a cover of World’s End Dancehall. Not for any particular reason aside from practice and because I like the song, but it’s still fun to work on. It still needs a lot of work too, though. Aside from being unfinished, the instruments don’t really work together. Also I accidentally gave the singing part to one of the instruments, but oh well. It’s not much, but please enjoy!




Today was the day I returned to campus. I returned to my dorm room to find it flooded and the floor is still pretty wet over by my bed. Also the water is turned off, so no sink or shower in my own room. At least there’s no school tomorrow. In other news, I discovered that I can actually download synthesia for free! So I spent a lot of the rest of my day playing around with it. It’s a pretty neat program, and I think I’ll be using it a lot in the future, now if only I had a cable that could connect my keyboard to my computer. I’ll have to look into that.

Anyway, bottom line: no flash or drawings today. Instead, please enjoy Marisa dancing around. This is apparently a parody of a vocaloid music video (I’d guess with Miku Hatsune), but I don’t know which video is the original so I can’t link to it. Still, this is pretty neat. It’s nice to see an actual MMD music video to go along with a vocaloid song rather than the usual jumping around and dancing there usually is (even if it really is mostly just jumping around and dancing anyway).